DIY Spiked Chocolate Coffee Milkshake

If there’s one thing I look forward to most when it comes to turning 21, it’s the ability to order spiked milkshakes at restaurants. Whenever I see them on the menu at Grub Burger or Alamo Drafthouse, I’m always left wishing I could order one. However, spiked milkshakes are always so ridiculously expensive! It makes sense, seeing as milkshakes are usually the most expensive non-alcoholic drink on a menu and adding alcohol always insure to increase the cost of a food drink, but whenever I see something that cost so much on a menu I can’t help but have that one thought any cook has: I can make that. And for a lot cheaper too.

I looked at a few spiked milkshake recipes before deciding that it wasn’t worth it to try and follow a recipe. Like I mentioned in this post, I’m a broke college student so I don’t exactly have the resources to have a fully stocked liquor cabinet! Most recipes called for at least two different types of desert flavored alcohol, and as someone who traditionally doesn’t enjoy desert flavored alcohol I wasn’t looking to invest in an entire bottle of whip cream vodka.

(I have a particular aversion to whip cream vodka after asking for a bottle for my 18th birthday from my best friends mom and receiving a bottle of vanilla vodka instead because whip cream was “just too trashy and would give you a terrible hangover”. I trust no one more than her to guide me in alcohol choices, because she is not a woman who is afraid to party. As a result, I’ve steered clear of the stuff ever since.)

It was only when I finally made my homemade kahlua recipe that I had an idea of how I was going to make my spiked milkshake. And so, without further ado I give you…


For this recipe you will only need two ingredients! That’s right, two!


Kahlua (you can see my recipe for this here)

Chocolate ice cream

For this recipe you can always use a blender if you have one, but you don’t even need that really! The way I made this was the way my dad always made milkshakes for us when he was too lazy to get out the blender. First, I scooped out enough ice cream to fill the cup. Next, I put in 2 oz of kahlua. I personally like to measure every bit of alcohol I consume when possible, but you can also just eyeball it. Remember, you can always add more but you can never take it away. In this instance, I could have probably used a little less than 2 oz of kahlua because it was actually kind of a lot of liquid!


After you put the ice cream and the liquid in a cup all you do is get a butter knife and stir it around until its smooth! Depending on how soft your ice cream is this can be kind of tough, but just keep going at it and before long you’ll have a milkshake just as good as one made in a blender without all the clean up.

This is an absolutely amazing recipe as it is, but like any milkshake recipe it’s very easy to change up! Remember you can always make it thicker by increasing the ice cream or thinner by increasing the liquid. Chocolate ice cream can be subsituted for Vanilla, Coffee or anything else that would go good with kahlua. Also, if you wanted to give it an extra kick you could always replace half of the kahlua with some vodka, though I can’t promise it’ll taste as good!

This is a great, extremely rich milkshake that is sure to impress and it’s also so easy anyone could make it. Give it a try!


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