Falling For Someone Yet To Come

Today I read this beautiful piece of writing and I just had to share it on here:

Wendy LiuI did not fall in love with you. To say that is to insist that what happened between you and I was a catastrophic moment, a clashing and bashing within the Universe that left us both with bruised knees and scraped wrists. No, I did not fall in love with you – I grew…

via I Woke Up Wanting To Kiss You, Years Before We Met — Thought Catalog

Sometimes its hard being single, or in that strange in-between place, or the dreaded “it’s complicated”. It can be even harder being in a relationship that might be going nowhere, the moment you realize you’re fighting a losing battle for something that will probably never work. Try to find comfort in your future, try to celebrate the love you are dreaming of, the love you’re preparing yourself for. It doesn’t fix things, but it does help.


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