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Paradise is Here

Paradise is here, in the things you already have. It can be found anywhere, in the sun rays and sun flowers, in the kind friends and good food. But it’s especially easy to find now, when the sun fills the sky and you have to put on sunscreen for fear of being burned by its kiss. Which its why it’s such a blessing to be having my hard times now, when the light outside can guide me out of my darkness. I intend to take advantage fully, to approach this summer with an open spirit, to be forever in search of all it’s glory.

So here I vow some summer promises.

1. I will soak up the sun whenever I can.

I’ll read in the sunlight, walk every morning, write in my backyard, sit by my fire pit and grill in the light. I will help with the yard work, bike to the store and fall asleep every night out of true tiredness.

2. I will swim and play until I find joy again.

I’m going to spend my days at the pool whenever possible, splashing in the water with friends, family and myself. I’m going to play volleyball, go rock climbing, maybe take dance classes. Maybe I’ll take up pole dancing, or belly dancing. Anything that could put a little more joy in my step and spice in my day.

3. I’m going to eat that summer food.

Watermelons. Avocado. All those beautiful fruits and vegetables that grace us in the summer, I’m going to eat them all. I’ll bring strawberries with me to the pool, salads to the library.

4. Read more.

I can always read more, and this summer it’s going to be a must. I want to read Harry Potter in French, and also in English to finish maping out the hero’s journey. I want to finally read infinite jest. I want to read that fun summer reading, read by the beach, the fire, and the pool.

5. Write more.

Keep on pushing myself to write. Short stories, poems, plays, TV shows, blog posts, novels, journal entries, letters, anything to practice using my craft. And also to get more in touch with myself, with my wants.

6. Spend less.

Save more. Get your books for free from the library. Get your movies free online. Sell your stuff you don’t need, and don’t buy more of it. Pay only for things that give your life more meaning. Pay for memories, experience, health and education. Not entertainment. You can find enough of that free. Not alcohol and not junk food, or impulse buys.

7. Open up to new experiences.

Maybe I’ll try my hand at standup, or spoken word poetry.


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