Exploring Minimalism


I have three main projects this summer:

  1. Paying off my car
  2. Employing minimalism in my life
  3. Completing the project of reading Infinite Jest, Harry Potter in French OR mapping out the story structure of Harry Potter.

Obviously, I haven’t quite settled on one of the last goals permanently, and part of my hopes that I can accomplish all three of them. Of course there are many other things I want to do, including getting fit and writing more. But part of exploring minimalism for me is going to be focusing on really following through on a few projects, and then starting new ones once those have been completed.

The first step to this project is hopefully going to take place this weekend, after I move out of my house. I’m hoping to go through all of my belonging according to Marie Kondo method and get rid of everything that doesn’t bring me joy. I’m also going to try and not spend money beyond what I need to. That means major things like not going on big shopping sprees, finding a way to do my own Brazilian wax and trying to not eat out unless absolutely necessary (like social events where I don’t have control over my schedule or access to food). It’s going to mean taking full advantage of everything I do have, like the amazing gym membership my family still pays for, the public library, and things I already own. I want to start using up everything I have so that I can make room in my life for new thoughts and lifestyles. I want the freedom of being able to go where I want without having to worry about an ungodly amount of belongings. And I want to be fully enjoying anything I do invest the money and time into buying and maintaining.

Freedom and inner peace are what I’ve decided to strive for, not just for the summer but for the rest of my life. I want to give myself the freedom to be financially independent, to travel, to explore, take chances, open up my heart, fall in love, and pursue the things that will ultimately fulfill me. I want to spend every moment reveling the the beauty of humanity, trying to be just a little bit more compassionate, intelligent and loving. I want to do things because they feel good to me, not because they look good to others. I want to find my inner strength so that I can lift myself up in hard times, and so that I can always protect the people around me.


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