Doubling up on Dates


Part of me is honestly surprised at my own follow through, but day 1 of my commitment to go on seven dates in seven days actually resulted in 2 dates. Following in the footsteps of the footsteps of I’m going to keep everything anonymous with fake names and all that jazz.

First date was coffee with Steve at 10 AM, which was a little early for me but I had to set it early to be able to do two babysitting jobs, go on two dates and attend a party all within about 14 hours. We had coffee at Mozarts, a cute coffee shop on Lake Austin, I’d never gone before, and it was nice to feel like I was discovering this city I’ve lived in all my life a little bit more; discovering the people and the places. We talked for an hour and a half before I had to go for a babysitting thing, which I actually had to go to. He actually reminded me when it was time, which was nice, and texted me after asking to see me again, which I think I might do.

Then I went home for lunch, where I argued a little bit with my parents before I went out to Mount Bonnell with some “friends” A.K.A. Date #2. I’m going to call date #2 David Swimmer, because that’s exactly who he looked like. Me and David had a pretty good time talking I think, but he seemed a little board and uncomfortable at point even though he was the one who picked the date spot and honestly it was perfectly fine. Afterwards I hugged him. All these guys walk me to my car which is nice, but also weird because I’m not used to actually being courted. I’m more comfortable with being lead on long enough to provide someone with a emotional security blanket type deal their last semester, apparently.

I could tell that part of David wasn’t feeling it. He wasn’t rude about it, or a bad conversationalist, but he didn’t say his name when he texted me and I had to clarify it was him. He asked if I’ve been texting a lot of guys from tinder, and I said ‘maybe’ with a winkey face thrown in, because I am no where near ready to commit to one person. When we’re hanging out, I mention that ‘oh you’re the one who is interested in flipping houses, right?’ and he has this look on his face that tell’s me he’s so not okay with being one of the many. Which he isn’t really, but I also don’t feel like pushing him anymore. I’ll set up dates, and take initiative, but only if the other guy seems actually interested. The ones who don’t? I’ll let them fade away. I’ve already wasted 6 months over a guy I was always fighting to take our relationship more seriously, and I’m not going to do that now.

In the evening Marcus (promised tinder date #3) invites himself to a party with my friends, reveals that he’s 5’6” (which I honestly don’t care about) and then jokes about me having to take care of him because he’s going to get so  wasted. I bail on him, telling him that I’m going to go home after my babysitting job instead of going to the party. This, of course, is said when I’m at the actual party. I don’t want to get into the habit of bailing on people, but honestly the ‘party’ was just a collection of a satellite friend group form high school, and it wouldn’t have made sense for him to come anyways. We ended up just sitting around, the 10 of us, drinking our little hearts our and smoking on the porch while all talking. I find myself catching up with an almost-friend from elementary school, and a couple other cool(ish) people who have acted as reoccurring characters in my life. They could have been my good friends if I’d had a different life. They’re a part of a life that I wanted in high school, and don’t anymore. It’s great to talk to them, even if it reminds me of how much of GBF’s life I missed out on because of my overprotective parents. But it also reminds me of how much better off I probably am because of that. They’re lives are filled with sex, drinking, drugs and dropping out of school. They’re all smart, charming people who have okay lives, but something about them seems a little empty. After talking about funny memories shared between them, someone burst out with “Oh my god my favorite snapchat will always be that one of GBF stuck in the side of the bed.” My ears perk up, that’s something that happened in my apartment, a city away. Trevor immediately chimes in with “When Jessica poured the pina colada on GBF’s head? That was hilarious!” Suddenly I feel just a little more comfortable. I do belong here to a certain extent, and it comforts me more to feel like I have potential great friends.


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