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30 Day Minimalism Challenge

I was reading the other day about a 30 day minimalism challenge to get rid of items from your house. It involved getting rid of 1 thing on the first day, 2 on the second, all the way to 30 on the last day. While reading through the comments of the video it was featured in, many people said that it might be easier to do the challenge in reverse, starting with 30 items the first day and I think that’s a good idea. Seeing the various ways people were going to modify the challenge to fit their own lives got me thinking. This summer one of my primary goals was (and still is) that I transition to a more minimalist lifestyle. I’m also working on earning as much money as possible this summer so that I can not have to work during the school year. Therefore, I’ve developed a plan to sell as much of my unneeded stuff as possible in an attempt to recoup the cost and give me some funds to invest in quality over quantity. I also like the idea that my things are going to go to a home that will actually appreciate them!

So my modified 30 day minimalism challenge will be to list 537 items online for sell, starting with 30 items the first day of June and decreasing by one item each day until the end of the challenge. Ultimately I’ll let myself list items ahead of time if I get a sudden burst of energy, because the goal is really to get rid of as much stuff as possible and if I get some extra energy that day, great! I’ll probably be using a combination of Poshmark, Facebook groups, craigslist, and even eBay to get rid of items. It actually takes quite a lot of energy, time and organization to sell all your belongings but it’s a priority to me that I free up space and money to help myself succeed next year as much as possible!  Quality over quantity is my new motto going into my junior year and I’m hoping that the extra cash and space will really make this upcoming year stand out!


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