Howdy! My name is Jessica and I’m a sophomore english major at Texas A&M with hopes of becoming a high school english teacher! I’ve always wanted to be a writer and get into blogging, and once I quit my part time job to focus on school I decided to get serious about working on my writing.

My hobbies include cooking, reading, feminism (can that be a hobby?), serving others and most of all finding the things in life that make me fill most fulfilled!


As for my blog name, it’s chosen from a quote famously misattributed to Sylvia Plath. I think the quote itself sums up one of the most central problems as to how women are treated in this world, and I think the fact it is almost impossible to find the real author of this line shows how hard it is for any woman to get the credit she deserves in this world for her accomplishments and words. After quite a bit of research it seems that (to the best of my knowledge) the quote comes from a Facebook post by a girl named Porphyria R’lyeh.

My interests are wide spread, and I won’t hesitate to write about anything that I find interesting enough to spend a few hours crafting an article about! My main field of interest are anything under the label of “liberal arts” (really, anything).

I hope that by sharing my stories I will help others feel less alone and maybe bring a little bit of joy to someones day!


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