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The New Frontier

The New Frontier 

I built my home inside of you,
set up shop in your heart
not realizing
how lost I could get
living somewhere I could never
learn well enough to map.

Sometimes I wonder
if it’s the American spirit
driving my youthful folly
of trying to forge
the unbeaten path of your soul
in hopes of settling into you,
the promised land,

when we’ve explored all the land
the only thing left to discover
is each other.

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Some Poetry

It’s amazing, the moment when time seems real. When you can feel yourself growing up in a way you never could before. I wanted to share the very first poem I wrote. I’d never truly appreciated poetry before, but now my curiosity has been spiked.


Spring Break 

That spring break I searched for our friendship
among the Texas sand dunes,
across the New Mexico desert
inside the Arizona snow.

I traveled a thousand miles
but it was only when I got to your lonely apartment
that I found out how far away
you really were.