I want to buy a stethoscope
to place on your heart
so when I kiss you
I can know it’s not a lie
because even after
all these years
I still can’t believe
anyone could love me
the way you do.

I remember the first time
you told me your dad hit you
that he’d shoved you into a bookshelf
so hard he’d knocked it over.
I know your father,
I can’t imagine him
having ever read a book.

Sometimes I write you letters
that you’ll never get
because I can’t find a stamp
or an envelope
or your address
a thousand miles away.

Now at night I lay in bed
covers pulled up to my neck
because you made me
believe in ghosts
in the way
only an undiagnosed schizophrenic can
but you also made me
believe in myself
in the way
only you can.

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The Goldilocks Principle

With the advent of the internet age, we’re experiencing a huge social shift that has been the catalyst for many changes taking place in our culture recently, both positive and negative. Effectively exploring the changes experienced by the millennial generation and their various causes would take dozens of books. I think whenever we endeavor to… Continue reading The Goldilocks Principle

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Finding Yourself Again: Searching for Meaning Through Heartbreak

No happy relationship ends in breakup. Unfortunately, it’s not actually the happiness of a relationship that defines how heartbroken you are after it ends. Heartbreak itself comes from the realization that whatever you had was so fundamentally broken it would make more sense just to not continue on at all. For all the downsides, though, breakups… Continue reading Finding Yourself Again: Searching for Meaning Through Heartbreak

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The New Frontier

The New Frontier 

I built my home inside of you,
set up shop in your heart
not realizing
how lost I could get
living somewhere I could never
learn well enough to map.

Sometimes I wonder
if it’s the American spirit
driving my youthful folly
of trying to forge
the unbeaten path of your soul
in hopes of settling into you,
the promised land,

when we’ve explored all the land
the only thing left to discover
is each other.

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Some Poetry

It’s amazing, the moment when time seems real. When you can feel yourself growing up in a way you never could before. I wanted to share the very first poem I wrote. I’d never truly appreciated poetry before, but now my curiosity has been spiked.


Spring Break 

That spring break I searched for our friendship
among the Texas sand dunes,
across the New Mexico desert
inside the Arizona snow.

I traveled a thousand miles
but it was only when I got to your lonely apartment
that I found out how far away
you really were.